Cuciulat Cave – ancient cave paintings that could be lost forever

Cuciulat – a cave in central Transylvania (Romania), has prehistoric wall paintings that are considered the oldest discovered in Central and Eastern Europe. The drawings (between 10,000 and 25,000 years old) representing animals have been discovered 31 years ago in the village of Letca from Salaj County (Northern Transylvania). The Cuciulat cave entrance is now blocked by landslides from a nearby limestone quarry. In 1978, a team of amateur speologists from Bucharest first discoverd a cave painting representing a red horse. Then was conducted the first and the last study of that unique cave. On the cave’s walls which form a labirint are represented animals and hunting objects, but sadly no one is focusing on making this amazing paintings known for humanity. They represent a treasure just like the ones very famous from the caves: Altamira (Spain), Lascaux (France), Laas Gaa’l (Somalia), Apollo 11(Namibia), Niah (Malaysia) and many others.

Pictures of the Cuciulat paintings are very rare and hard to find. Bellow are two of them:



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