Alien Trapped

The news were given by Television Station of Mexico. Apparently, they found a trap for animals with an alive “baby alien”. And that’s not all, an UFO expert said: “I dare to say that these photos are authentic.”

Jaime Maussan, host star and UFOs expert, exhibited the pictures portraying the discovered baby alien on his TV program and confirmed it was all true.

The report goes on: “Farm workers were terrified and drowned the baby alien in the water. The creature struggled, his body shaked and it screamed for help. The peasants made 3 attempts and forced it in the water for several hours. Finally, the alien baby drowned.

But the story does not end here, it was recently known that the farmer who found and drowned the baby alien in Mexico, known there as “The Being of Metepec”, Marao Lopez, was found dead. And of course his death seems to be mysterious …

Lopez appeared burnt inside his car, parked alongside a road. His body was completely charred. He says the car took fire at temperatures higher than normal.

“This would not be the first case. There are reports and eyewitness of aliens and UFOs that shortly after died,” said German UFO expert Hartwig Hausdorf.

“The deep grief in those baby’s parents would have filled them with revenge. If even animals react like that in a dangerous situation … it’s even more likely in beings who may excel us technologically. “

His widow assures Lopez “was killed by aliens …”


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