Eleanor Tuchet

Lady Eleanor Tuchet (17th century), daughter of George, Lord Audley, married Sir John Davies, an eminent lawyer in the time of James the First. This lady was a person of many talents; but what she seems most to have valued herself upon, was her gift of prophecy; and she accordingly printed a book of Strange and Wonderful Predictions. She professed to receive her prophecies from a spirit, who communicated to her audibly things about to come to pass through the voice could be heard by no other person. Sir John Davies was nominated lord chief justice of the king’s bench in 1626. Before he was inducted into the office, lady Eleanor, sitting with him on Sunday at dinner, suddenly burst into tears. Sir John asked her what made her weep. To which she replied “These are your funeral tears.” Sir John turned off the prediction with a merry answer. But in a few days he was seized with an apoplexy, of which he presently died. She also predicted the death of the duke of Buckingham in the same year. For this assumption of the gift of prophecy, she was cited before the high court and examined in 1634.


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