Radio waves mysteries

River Escapes vessel on The River Tyne to view the QE2Many mysteries are associated with radio frequencies  in our atmosphere. During the Vietnam War pilots occasionally picked up strange radio messages between other pilots. They didn’t make much sense and the pilots never responded.  A supposition whas that they were inter plane chatter between pilots in the Korean War almost 20 years before they were being overheard during Vietnam. One explanation for these strange facts would be that the radio signals got “stuck” in the atmosphere somewhere and were later released and rebroadcast decades after they were sent.
   It is known that the atmosphere is capable of  weird aberrations. On August 10, 1979, George Quig was trying to call his wife on their CB radio in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire when he picked up a desperate SOS from a vessel. By the clarity of the message received he thought it was nearby. But the voice said they were off the coast of Venezuela. You may think that was just a hoax, but Quig contacted the Coast Guard. They in turn relayed the message to the nearest Coast Guard station and they sent cutters and an airplane. Believe it or not, here was a boat in distress just like the voice had claimed. The Coast Guard rescued 5 people from a 42 foot trawler 3 hours later. It was, in fact, 2,000 miles away from New Hampshire off the coast of South America,  just where the man had claimed to be.
   This was attributed to an “atmospheric quirk”. A quirk is something that is unknown and that can only be judged by its effect. Whatever happened in the atmosphere that day, it allowed radio signals to be transmitted 2,000 miles away. If a quirk can misplace a radio signal, can it misplace objects or persons?


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